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Pop Culture Week in Review [June 8th, 2007]
[ mood | geeky ]

I have decided to start blogging about my week in pop culture, as I am admittedly a big fan.

Best TV show I watchedSo You Think You Can Dance.  That's right, I am addicted.  I cannot help it.  I love to watch dance.  I love to dance.  And apparently vote for the next amazing dancer.  There are some amazing dancers this year and I cannot help but have a fondness for Hok.  He just seems like a nice guy.

Best CD I heard:  As I look at my last three itunes purchases I see Amy Winehouse's album, a couple of songs from Fiction Plane and Rufus Wainwright's new cd.  If you haven't heard Amy, and I really cannot imagine that you haven't,  you really should.  She is amazing and you cannot help but get the songs stuck in your head.  She also makes me want to get all glammed up for some reason. *shrug*  Fiction Plane is fronted by Sting's son Joe.  Since I have got pretty little tickets to see the Police next month, I figured I might try the band who has been opening for them.  The song Two Sisters is a great little song to sing along to.  And finally Rufus.  I adore him and have for a very long time.  Release the Stars is his latest album and has some great songs including my favorite, Sanssoucci.  Of course before I forget, who isn't excited about the new Tegan and Sara stuff?
Best movie I saw:  That's a difficult one as I haven't really watched anything.  I just went and saw Hostel II being the occasional blood and guts girl that I am.  I became accustomed early on to be the lone girl with a bunch of guys to go see the latest horror flick.  Hmm, thgough I was entertained and must say that Eli Roth is disturbing with film the way that Clive Barker is to literature.  However, women of the world will appreciate a particular scene at the end...if they actually go and men of the world will cringe and thank the gods it is just a movie.  I think I may try to go see Oceans 13 sometime this weekend, so I will let you know how that is.  And may try to do a horror fest with two of the films that were part of the Afterdark Horrorfest.  The first one is Rinne/Reincarnation by Takashi Shimizu who did the original Ju-on or Grudge films.  The second is called the Gravedancers and to be honest Chele and I wanted to see it because of our fondness for Dominic Purcell of John Doe/Blade 3/Prison Break fame. It also has Clare Kramer from Buffy and of course I do my best to support the former Joss Whedon verse people.   In a mildly excited note, I also saw the trailer for 30 days of night.  I own and enjoyed the graphic novel.  We shall see how it turns out.
Best book I read: For my birthday last week Chele got me Tithe: a modern faerie tale by Holly Black.  Though it is a young adult novel, Chele knows my love for the urban fantasy genre and it takes place in New Jersey.  (Ah to read about Quickchek's and A&P's)  I liked it.  I am almost through, I started it on Wednesday and has been my bedside book which means I usually fall asleep after a chapter or two.  I liked it so well that I bought the rest of the series.  I also bought Simon R. Green's new novel, The Man with the Golden Torc, which looks similar to the Nightside series.  I also bought Laurell K. Hamilton's latest Anita Blake novel, 'Harlequin' simply because I own the rest, but have given up most hope that she will return to plot driven novels instead of making them badly written erotica.  I do, however, have a little bit of hope left.
So there you go, my pop culture week in review
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Seriously I will never understand... [June 8th, 2007]
[ mood | confused ]

Last night I sat idly trying to think of a good introduction to yet another character to RPG with.  The television provided a murmer of chatter and white noise, though I paid it little attention.  That is until the main story was how Paris Hilton got a nice little get out of jail free card and is under house arrest.  I don't understand it.  That is the top news story?  Of all of the news stories that lend even the tiniest bit of attention, you chose that?   What about Darfur, or the fact that we are destroying the planet?   Even as I right this apparently the blonde heiress is back in prison.

I am all for pop culture meaning: film, music, tv, books, technology, video games, etc.  But this fascination with celebrities is ridiculous.  They have papparazzi following them as they take out the trash and pump their gas.  Do I give a rat's ass?  No.  And though I firmly believe that miss blondie deserves the same damn treatment as you and I would, is it necessary to make it 'the' news item of the day.  I felt the same way with the whole Anna Nicole fiasco.  You realize that other nations are laughing at us.  We should hang our heads in shame.  Its ridiculous. 

Edit...I just noticed that jenahvilleposted a similar comment.


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The Police, Pin Ups and Men with Swords [March 10th, 2007]
[ mood | hungry ]

Guess who is going to a Police concert in July?  *raises hand*  Oooh, ooh pick me!  Pick me!  Of course this is taking into consideration that they don't kill each other before the concert date.  However, it is a chance of a lifetime.  So excited. 

In other news I gave tempestdesigns a big old overhaul, which is good since I haven't done anything with it for almost two years.  Check it out, tell me what you think about the new design.  I should be chatting up a good lot of you in the next couple of days now that I have decided to return...yet again. 

I also went and saw the 300 last night.  I am a few things: a Frank Miller fan, an action movie/blood and guts girl and swiftly becoming a fan of Zach Snyder.  I loved the movie.  Visually it is stunning. The tale of the 300 Spartans is a wonderful story and how can you not like 300 buff men in loincloths and brandishing swords. Especially when some of them are Gerry Butler and Michael Fassbender.

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Battlestar Galactica...ummmmm..... [March 4th, 2007]

I love Battlestar Galactica.  I hate Battlestar Galactica.  *whimper*

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Put a smile on your face.... [September 21st, 2006]
[ mood | hungry ]

It's been a busy, rather hellacious week, but I best not dwell so I will list the things that have made me happy. 

  1. Seeing a squirrel fall out of a tree.  Not jump out of a tree.  Fall...like a squirrel klutz.  Very humorous. 
  2. As seen on the back of a car - 'REAVERS ATE MY GOVERNMENT'   Any Firefly fanboy/girl is a-okay in my book. I honked. They probably thought I was crazy
  3. Aida.  Saw it Tuesday evening.  Loved it despite the somewhat crappiness of the seats.
  4. Studio 60 and Smith. Good shows.  You should watch. 
  5. The knowledge that my precious Karebear and Phil are engaged finally sinking in. 
  6. Pomegranates.  They are in season.  You should try one if you haven't already.  Persephone did. 
  7. The Last Kiss Soundtrack - 'Paperweight'  Best song on there.
  8. Finally seeing the Eragon trailer.
  9. Battlestar Galactica Webisodes.  October cannot get here quick enough
10. Finding the perfect material for my Halloween costume.

Hope you all have had a good week.  Ciao

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Movie Madness [August 20th, 2006]
[ mood | calm ]

Every year there are less and less flicks that I really want to rush out and go and see, though this past couple of weeks have been a fluke of the summer (Snakes on a Plane, Pulse, The Descent, Scoop, and the Night Listener).  I love Netflix.  Netflix makes me happy and has helped me survive the drought of good films in the theatre.  I have rented some truly bad flicks (Bloodrayne, Date Movie, Running Scared), but there have been some good ones as well.  Here are some of my favorites in the past couple of months. 

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Movies, Movies, Movies [July 29th, 2006]
[ mood | chipper ]

Several weeks ago I talked about TV (I have decided to listen to the ever so wise jenah and have started watching Monk which I really like).  It is only natural that I mention film.  The list of films is rather short because there isn’t a whole lot to giddy over from now until October and this is coming from the woman who not only sued to run a movie store, but who goes to the theatre at least once a week.  All I can say is thank the gods for Netfix and for rewatching Battlestar with Paul (I converted him to Lost, then BSG.  I am going to try Prison Break next.). *grin*



 If I am bored I may go see Miami Vice and Clerks II (though I tend to wait for most comedies to come out on video.  I mainly see Horror/Action/Fantasy/Drama at the big screen aka the ones you want to see on a really big screen)  Descent could be good, but I don't know whether we will get it here as I have yet to see Little Miss Sunshine or Scoop here yet. Yep that is it.  Any that you are excited about?

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One true ship [July 12th, 2006]
[ mood | happy ]

As I stated a couple of weeks ago, I watch 'So You Think You Can Dance', the American Idol for dancers.  And I am sure I am one of about 25 people in the country who do so, but it makes me happy so who cares.  Immediately I was taken with Benji who is just adorable and has that boyish charm I adore and then there was Donyelle who is an amazing dancer, but who has always been told 'You're the best dancer here, but you have too much weight on you'  I was overjoyed when they became partners.  Calling in my vote has not been difficult at all.  Every week they excel and the judges comment on their chemistry.  I've decided that they've extended that chemistry off the stage as well.  If you've seen the show, you've seen the way Benji looks at her.  Kisses on the cheek, hands always around her waist.  In my head they're not only making it to the top four along with Martha/Allison and Travis, but they live happily ever after.  I am such a goober.  Happily ever after Donyelle and Benji!!!

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The weekend away [June 29th, 2006]
[ mood | happy ]

Okay, so I am a little late with the posting, since the following fun happened last weekend and it is already the following weekend, but better late than never.  So...last Friday I headed to Minneapolis/St. Paul and the Minnesota Zoo to see Aimee Mann.  Paul, Chele, Laurie and I piled into Paul's car early Friday morning with my trusty Ipod (so  I could subject them to Snow Patrol, the Weepies, Kate Havnevik and much more....bwa ha ha)  We got to the zoo a little after 2:30 or so and scrambled to go see the sharks being fed....which wasn't worth the effort or the running.  Mildy disappointed we headed for the aquarium to see the last dolphin show because its really the only thing going for the zoo (In fact our local zoo is better.  Of course nothing can top the Omaha Zoo for me)  We sat, we played the animal trivia on the screen above us and I tried not to strangle the fidgety four year old in front me who thought my legs were fun new punching bags.  The trainers came out and 'practiced' with the dolphins in the back pool and I was proud to explain to the gang that I used the same technique (shaping - higher order conditioning) to train Scully and Mulder, my goldfish, to swim through a hoop on command for last semester's Psych project.   Suddenly the trainers began running around and eventually tell us to evacuate the building.  Later, we found out that there had been an electrical fire.  Unfortunately it meant we were forced out of the cool exhibits to walk around and try to find the sleeping animals.  Highlights however did include: the meerkats mating, the evil giraffes (watch Eddie Izzard if you don't understand) and the tigers engaging in play or foreplay (we couldn't decide which)

Four hours later we sit down for the concert at their outdoor ampitheatre.  The first act was the lead singer of the Honeydogs who I'd never heard of.  Personally, I found him to be a little bland and all the songs sounded the same. *shrug* Then Aimee came out and she rocked. One of the big reasons I adore her is she is one of those rare musicians who can actually....*drumroll*...sing. *gasp* What you hear on her cds is what you get live.  She isn't all tidied up and fabricated in the studio.  Plus, she's funny and writes some really great songs.  She must have liked us too because she did two encores.  Just as she was leaving the stage for good, it began to rain.  Not a hard rain, but one of those that you just love to walk out in. It was a perfect way to end it. 

We spent the night in Fairbault, MN at the Days Inn.  The room decor was interesting especially when you have a mirrored wall above the beds.  Chele and I couldn't decide whether it was the porn room or whether we were part of some weird experiment and it was two way glass.  It could have been an interrogation room as well. *shrug*  We'll never home.  But if you are ever at the Days Inn in Fairbault, all the rooms are like that. 

We made it home in time for me to drop off my stuff and meet Cassie for Summer Jam '06 at Great Bear (which is Sioux Falls version of a ski hill....ha!) The acts were: G.B. Leighton (who rocked), Asleep at the Wheel, The Pat McGee Band and Better than Ezra.  It was nice just to be outside and I was smart enough to lather on the sunscreen (go me!)  Of all the acts G.B. and Better than Ezra were the best.  Actually I really loved Better than Ezra.  Not only was it great music, but they put on a good show - sarcasm and humour are always a great thing.  The night ended in fireworks and like a 6 year old I oohed and awed (I LOVE Fireworks)

It was a lovely weekend though I must admit I can't wait for a lazy, stay in my pjs and play video games/watch movies sort of weekend.  Not this weekend though (its the 4th weekend and I don't have work until Wednesday) or the following weekend (we're making my annual pilgrimage down to the Omaha zoo so I can commune with my bats and feed the evil giraffes)....Eventually.  Hope your summers are going well.

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Summer TV [June 20th, 2006]
[ mood | restless ]

I am a pop culture junkie so its logical that even in the heat of summer I would find....something to geek out about and watch when I am not out and about. I've tried a couple and one episode has been enough (Treaure Hunters - a reminder of why I don't watch too much reality. Could the host be any more monotone. I think he might be a robot; Windfall - couldn't suck me in. Sorry Luke Perry) And others I am either instantly hooked or reserving my judgement for a few more episodes. Here is the lowdown.  

I watch too much tv.

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For the sake of small furry things [June 8th, 2006]
[ mood | horrified ]

Ah, summer. Tis the season of orange construction cones, Muggy hot weather, and yes a time for small furry things to come out of the woodwork. Bunnies, baby bunnies, squirrels, ground squirrels; you name it, it's out playing right now.

My desk in my office faces a giant window. I often look at that window. When I say often, I actually mean a good portion of my day. And since my office is on the ground floor I spend that good portion of my day watching the cute furry things play. But no longer. Now I am thinking of permanently keeping the blinds shut. Why? You ask. Because people drive too fast. The clinic is on a residential street. It is not the highway or a main drag where 40 mph is fine. A college campus is across the street, houses (granted they are lived in by said college kids and not families of 4) line the streets and yes the furry things cavort and play.

Dory was staring out the window with me as I collected my things, deciding to make it a half day since I had finished all of my paperwork and was instead reading the latest headlines on MSNBC.com, when she gasped 'Oh my god that squirrel just got hit.' I of course, look (Sadly I am one of those individuals who would look if you pointed in the other direction and yelled, 'Look a badger with a gun') Not a good idea. One of my fine furry little friends, who I was watching play only a moment ago with his friend Steve or maybe it was Sven (I get them confused), was in his last death throes except that he was more like running around in circles, very obviously mortally wounded. I think to date it was the most horrifying three seconds I have ever seen (I turned away as quickly as I had turned to see) In fact I ran from my office into the other room. How was I going to leave? Furry Little Friend was by my car. Could I kill him to put him out of his misery if he wasn't dead? Of course not. I am the girl who takes spiders in the house outside (though that is more of a superstition than anything....but still) I peek and take a look at Dory. She's turned away too. I am going to have to park somewhere new now, move my desk, so I am not revisted by my horrible 3 second memory. What's worse...I just took Lesley to Over the Hedge and am picturing Furry Little Friend as Steve Carrell's Hammy.

Finally Dory says, 'he isn't moving'. Somehow I am relieved. Though I am still saddened about Furry Little Friend now being mere Roadkill, at least he isn't in pain. I think that's what bothers me the most, seeing anything in pain. It's why I cannot hunt. Why I feel guilty over killing the goldfish for my Psych experiment (killing them was not the experiment...they just died, probably cause they were from Walmart) I look out the window again. Not as horrible now. Except F.L.F's buds and family come out of hiding. No joke. There were 6 squirrels just sitting there, some propped up on their hind legs on the sidewalk just looking into the street as if saying, "Uncle Jimmy? Uncle Jimmy why aren't you moving?" SOme of them go into the street. I want to run out and scold them. Do they want to get hit by a speeding car, driven by an irreverant college kid who was probably thinking 'score...10 points for the rodent with the bushy tail'. No. You go hide up in the big Cottonwood across the street and mourn.

Yes I am an odd woman. I can't help it. I am not a vegan, though sometimes you would think I would be due to my affinity for naming the small creatures playing outside of my office. Mostly I was just angry at the speeding car. I have seen one wreck already since I started working at the clinic six months ago. Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive. I am proud to say that yes I am a woman who brakes for squirrels, rabbits and any other warm blooded creature who stupidly meanders into the path of my vehicle. So far I haven't hit anything other than that one bird who committed suicide on my windshield when I was in Montana and that wasn't even this car. This car is animal homicide free, thank you very much.

I drive home eventually. I need to watch something fuzzy. Except not with cute fuzzy animals...Bambi - right out. Maybe a little Ed vs Spencer (nothing like two English blokes doing truly stupid things or doing them to one another...check your BBC America channel. Funny, funny stuff) Of course as I am parking in the garage, I notice a rock by the door. A skittish rock. It's a baby bunny. I have to actually get out of my car and scare it into the grass, afraid that it will stupidly embrace my front tires and therefore leaving me in complete tears.

Be kind to our cute little furry friends. Be nice. Slow down. Just do it for my sake. That is all.

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Been a while [May 25th, 2006]
You know I post, tell myself....be consistent now. Don't disappear for months on end and then what do I do - disappear for months on end. I hate to make promises I am not sure I will keep. But I do have a four day weekend and it is supposed to rain on Monday, so that is a high probability that I will actually update teh collective and post bright and shiney things here.

Until then
ta ra
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Movie Season [March 10th, 2006]
Ah, the Oscars. Personally I thought Jon Stewart did a great job, it was the audience that was boring...save for George Clooney who laughed a lot. Ben Stiller was great, Will F. and Steve C. I was annoyed with the lack of "Songs" (Wunderkind by Alanis Morisette from the Chronicles of Narnia should have been there) But in all, it was a good ceremony. And I won again. Next time I am so making everyone put some money on the line. *grin*

The movie picks are starting to add up as well. February was a bust. Ultraviolet was horrid and that was the last film we saw. Paul and Michelle have banned me from choosing the next three films it was so horrid. This weekend it is 'The Hills Have Eyes' remake (Paul's choice) and the Libertine (Michele). I wanted to see both, but it's now on their heads if they don't live up to our standards. In the next few months there are some films that I am actually looking forward to. They are as follows:

Thank you for Smoking - 3/17 (Satire is fun. Aaron is yummy.)
V for Vendetta - 3/17 (Alan Moore. W. brothers. Life could be good)
Silent Hill - 4/21 (I like the game. Sean Bean is lovely. Will probably suck)
MI:3 - 5/5 (Yes Tom Cruise is nuts. However I also happen to like the MI films. Guilty pleasures)
Poseidon Adventure - 5/12 (yet another remake. But I like the cast)
Davinci Code - 5/26 (Tom hanks is not my choice for Robert, but I think it will be good. Cannot wait to see Paul Bettany. I am so rooting for him as a possible casting choice for the Joker or Harvey Dent in the next Batman film)
X3 - 5/26 (This is a gimme)
The Omen - 6/6 (Once again a remake. I think it might be the year of remakes actually. But the trailer is nice. I just hope they don't overgore it. Creepy kids are always nice)
Superman Returns - 6/30 (I will give it a shot. Never been a Superman fan, but I will try)
Devil Wears Prada - 6/30 (Love the book)
Pirates OTC 2 - 7/7 (The one I really want to see)

And that brings us to Summer.
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Je sais ton amour... [March 6th, 2006]
[ mood | obsessed ]

I obsess easily. True we've known that for years, but Saturday was the perfect example of just how easily this lady can obsess. Saturday I was downloading some tunes off of Itunes (KT Tunsdall, Flyleaf, Lamb and Plumb's new album) and idly wondered if there was a video for Gwen Stefani's 'Crash' Her videos are fun, why not check out a 30 second clip. No luck on the video, but as I was perusing the categories I see "French Pop" As a French speaker, I've also heard some french pop and frankly it is rather funny sometimes. A video. I was aiming for it to be the humor highlight of my day. Mon Essentiel. Decent title. Lead singer's cute. *Press play* It's a period video and the tunes is very very catchy. I'm hooked enough that I download. I then proceeded to play it five times in a row. I look up any information I can on Le Roi Soleil. Apparently it is a rock opera about the Sun King that opened in France in September. I am in love with Emanuelle Moire. Vive le Roi. So I order the soundtrack off of Amazon, I scour the internet for any tidbits I can find about the musical. And now you all should. you don't have to speak French to enjoy the song. It's grainy here...go to videos and mon essentiel...but it's still lovely. I want to go to France now so I can see the show. Holy cow am I a geek


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What would you do? [February 22nd, 2006]
[ mood | curious ]

So 8 workers from a meat packing plan in Nebraska win the powerball (365 million by the way) In the end each one will take home about 22,162,500. Not a bad haul. So I was thinking what I would do with said winnings if I was fortunate enough to win.

* I'd buy a house. Nothing ultra schmancy. Somewhere nice, possibly a couple of acres. it would be a home that would be just enough for moi, husband and kids to be. That's it.

* A car. I've never had a brand new one. Would be nice to have one. Once again nothing fancy, nothing that says 'hi I just won 20 million dollars'. but it would be nice to have something a little sportier than my 15 year old buick century. Ooh something with heated seats. I love them in my dad's Avalon which I got to drive when I went home for the Holidays.

* Pay off my Dad's home that he is building in Montana. He's taken care of me, never let me fall. i figure I can do something for him. Same goes with my mother.

* Create college funds for both of my nieces and my yet unborn children.

* Go on a sabbatical for a year...become a professional tourist

* Gift nicely to my family (e.g. Nic, Cass, Paul, etc)

* Make sure I have enough fundage for when I don't actually get social security when I am older.

* Possibly decide to start up my own business.

* And yes go shopping. I admit that I would love some little extravagances. A new wardrobe would be nice, a big screen tv, all those little things I have been buying secretly in my imagination for when I did win the lottery that I absolutely never play. *grin*

* Give everything else to Charity.

So what would you do?

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Movie marathon [January 27th, 2006]
[ mood | energetic ]

One of my things to do in 2006 was to see at least two movies a month at the cinema. Not too hard to do really if you are me. And with a brand new fabulously brilliant job, I also pretty much get three day weekends every week because I get off at noon on Fridays. SO Paul and I have been doing many, many Movie Marathons. So the movies seen thus far...take into consideration that there has only been 27 days thus far.

Memoirs of a Geisha
Pride and Prejudice
Tristan and Isolde
Brokeback Mountain

Woot! 10 movies in 27 days. And we are not couting the Netflix queue. Life is good and there are many movie that I still want to see and probably will in the days ahead. Which ones you ask? Hmm, just in the next couple of weeks:

The Matador - Pierce Brosnan...could be good
Something New - Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker in a cute romantic comedy
Final Destination 3 - I love horror films. The first one was good, the second good for a laugh...watch the trivia track on the DVD, and the third has potential especially since Morgan and Wong are back (best X-files episodes, plus big Space: Above and Beyond fan)
Nightwatch - If we are lucky enough to get it
Transamerica - Same goes with the above. I doubt we'll get these two, but would like to see them
Ultraviolet - Kurt Wimmer did Equilibrium an all time fave movie, however the trailer has me skeptical, but knowing me I will see it anyway.

In other news, not dead. Just resting. I will write more when I get the chance.

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Bored Now [November 19th, 2005]
[ mood | bored ]

Surprisingly the weather turned out to be better than I thought on Friday and the snow all melted.  Yeah.  Went and saw Harry Potter, though I had forgotten my hermione wand and scarf at home.  Going to go see it again with Michelle tomorrow and probably at least one more time, though I have to play catch up on some films (Walk the Line, Saw II, North Country)  You also have some great films coming out soon as well (RENT, Pride and Prejudice, Ice Harvest...love my John Cusack)

Anyway, saw this on one of my friends list and decided to do the happy little meme and share.

You get one wish of anything, what would you ask for? World peace would be nice, but seems a little cliche and at this point and time, I am not quite sure if it's doable. So, because I am on the Harry Potter kick, I wish there was magic in the world.  Of course I would not be a Muggle. *grin* 

What animal would you be? I think I would have to be a big kittie (tiger, cougar, etc) or a wolf.  Can't decide.  Both have their good and bad sides.  But probably the kittie.

Something you want to do in your life: Find freedom. Make a difference in someone's life.  Travel.  Age gracefully. Live life fully.

One song you could listen to over and over again. That's a hard one.  there are quite a few songs I really really like.  Lately I have been addicted to Imogen Heap's new cd (singer from Frou Frou)

Coke or Pepsi? Cherry Coke. *smile*

Something you currently desire: Something sweet.  Have a sweet tooth today.

What’s a “mastoid”? (Take a guess. No peeking in a dictionary.) Depends.  Mastoid is part of your ear I believe. Behind your ear.  Also has something to do with breasts. 

One good deed you’ve done lately: Bought dinner for someone.

Not a very long meme or an interesting one really, but I was bored and am trying tobe good at updating. It's a start.

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I hate Being Cold [November 17th, 2005]
[ mood | cold ]

For the millionth time, let me express how much I dislike SD weather. Case in point. This was my week thus far weather wise.

SUNDAY: Gorgeous Fall weather. Feels like early fall, walking around with no coat during the day. I even had my bedroom window open. The heat hasn't been on, life is good.

MONDAY: Its cold. Damn cold. The wind chill factor sucks. Heat is now on and added another blanket to the bed. Wondering where I put my damn gloves.

TUESDAY: It's really freakin cold. Wind has continued. Oh look and now there is snow. Early fall bypassed Late Fall and went straight to dead of winter. I hate this weather. Don't know where my gloves are. This totally sucks.

WEDNESDAY: Still freakin cold. Am not amused. Bought new gloves. They come in handy when sitting in my car waiting for it to warm up so I can leave work. Need to move to...a place that is warmer.

THURSDAY: Snowing again. Thankfully only lasts just a little bit. Still sucks.

FRIDAY and BEYOND: THe outlook is not good my friends. I cannot believe that only two weeks ago I was hiking with Nicole without a jacket. What happened to the seasons? Give me some preparation time PTB. I mean really.


In happier news I have decided that those bath cubes (often in hearts, balls and such, like mine) that go all fizzy when they hit the water are bath toys for adults. Woot! Not as cool as those little capsules that dissolve and out comes a sponge in a fun and interesting shape. Speaking of which I wish I had kids so I had an excuse for buying them. bah, who needs kids. *grin* But the fizzy bath thingies...also highly enjoyable. Plus, they smell nice and make the hot bath all that more enjoyable.

Anyway, hope you are well.

(P.S. I like how the little emotiocon kitty is crying because she is cold. Me too sweetie, me too.)

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New Year's Resolutions [November 2nd, 2005]
[ mood | energetic ]

You're thinking to yourself...a little early aren't you? Well for me the Celtic New Year started on the first being the pretty little pagan that I am and being scottish. *smile* I went up to Newton Hills with Nicole, had a little ritual...had s'mores. So far so good. I am putting a list of my resolutions up, so you can bug the shite out of me if I start slacking, but so far so good on a ocuple of them.

1. Lose 25 lbs. (Today is day #2 of my consecutive workouts at Lady Wellness. I even *wanted* to go so that's a good sign)
2. Get good grades (well since school doesn't start for a couple more months, this is going to have to wait. It is intimidating though. I am a non-trad student now. I haven't been to university for almost 7 years. My friends say it will be easy, show those young whipper snappers, but it's a little frightening as much as it is exciting)
3. Pay off my credit cards (a couple of them only have a little bit left. If I am good, they will be gone by the traditional new year. The big one...by my birthday and no later)
4. Keep in touch better (I really am writing a big long note to miss Karebear and some other people I have neglected of late. I am horrible at this and this I think is the one I am really going to have to work on)
5. Go out on dates (trivial and shallow yes, but if you only knew how much my former job consumed my life. I had no free time it seemed and when I did I hung out with my friends, no time for the menfolk. If a guy asked me out, I kinda always said no. Which makes me sad sometimes. I am going to allow myself to be loved, to have fun...enjoy life)
6. Get back to my webby stuff. (this one should be easy. I certainly will have some free time now. And I miss a lot of it. It's a wonderful creative outlet)
7. Learn a new language. (I already have French and Gaelic under my belt. I am thinking I will continue my Welsh and learn either Greek or Italian....then I can have an excuse when I want to study abroad for a semester or two. *grin*)
8. Read 100 books.
9. Go see Nic and Ants in Japan (how could I not?)
10. Finish my 2005 scrapbook before 2005 ends. (I have two more months. I can do it....right?)

I have a couple more, but no need to bore. It's nice. I feel like I can start over. I am starting over. I am still a little scared, but am more curious and excited more than anything. It's going to be a damn good year.

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A long time ago.... [October 21st, 2005]
[ mood | anxious ]

...we used to be friends.

Today I spent a good two hours talking to the New Jersey Public School system getting school stuff together. It made me start to think about all the changes that will be in my life soon. It made me think about how much I have changed since high school. It made me think how much I have changed in the past few years. I thought about the relationships I once had, the new ones I have cultivated and yes even the ones I have neglected. I am not perfect, never will be. Yep, its all about change.

I will miss Suncoast. Maybe not everyone in it and maybe not all those who are regulars. In fact I will feel better burning some of those bridges that are long time overdue (so sick of 'acting' to tell you the truth...as I am sure they are too) I have come to the realization of a lot of things in the past few months about Suncoast. Number One: Never try and save someone's ass. It's not worth it. They won't appreciate it and they'll probably do it again. Is it worth the extra stress because you thought you cared about them like a friend? No. Number Two: I rock as a salesperson. I can sell stuff like no other. I kind of suck as a Manager. Sure the store was in the top ten. Sure for the most part it was fun to go to work, but I am not a born leader. Not really a follower either. More like put me in a corner and let me do everything on my own (kind of the way it was in high school when you had a group paper. I do it, it gets done right. they do it, we'll probably get a C) Number Three: Being boss means that those who work for you will probably hate you, probably underappreciate you...but it's part of the territory. They might respect you, they might not in the end. Ah well. Number Four: I will be missed. I love it when my regulars come up to me and say 'I don't know if we'll shop here once you're gone' It makes me proud and yet I want to assure them that Michelle will help just as much. Number Five: EVen with the end in sight, I still worry. I worry that the store will suck without me after I have worked so hard to make it great. I worry that I might have sucked and the store will do much better now that I am gone. I worry that I am making a grave mistake. That I won't be good at anything else. This has been my life for 6 years. 6 years of hard work...and okay pay.

I remember when my first boss left, there was a shindig. A thanks for your hard work and being my boss party. I don't think my employees will throw me one. That makes me a little sad. I did the best I knew how. I tried. Sometimes I did all right, sometimes not. Being boss isn't always that easy. And I certainly wasn't as good as Paul. In the end I think I became so bitter that I started acting like my boss the district manager and she is actually a spawn of Satan.

I gained friends and lost friends during that job. Gained ones that I treasure more than anything. Cassie, and Paul rock my socks. I met Karebear (I really need to catch up with you missy...Serenity shirts oh my) who is absolutely anamazing woman with way too much energy. I also lost friends like Gretchen. *shrug* Which makes me sad sometimes , but in the end I am sure we are better off without one another. You cannot force someone to be your friend or to trust you. And there is only so much deception and lack of appreciation you can take. I wonder if Gretchen and I would still be friends if I hadn't become her boss. I wonder if we can be friends again because I won't be her boss. *shrug* Who knows.

This chapter of my life is closing. I am excited for all the changes as much as I am nervous about them all. I like having my life back. I like being able to do things. To leave work at work and enjoy my life. I don't know where the next couple of years will take me....hopefully overseas though. But it is exciting. I am curious. I am scared. I am happy. I am sad. I feel like I get to start all over again.
There is nothing more freeing.

We'll see how I do.

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