November 2nd, 2005


New Year's Resolutions

You're thinking to yourself...a little early aren't you? Well for me the Celtic New Year started on the first being the pretty little pagan that I am and being scottish. *smile* I went up to Newton Hills with Nicole, had a little ritual...had s'mores. So far so good. I am putting a list of my resolutions up, so you can bug the shite out of me if I start slacking, but so far so good on a ocuple of them.

1. Lose 25 lbs. (Today is day #2 of my consecutive workouts at Lady Wellness. I even *wanted* to go so that's a good sign)
2. Get good grades (well since school doesn't start for a couple more months, this is going to have to wait. It is intimidating though. I am a non-trad student now. I haven't been to university for almost 7 years. My friends say it will be easy, show those young whipper snappers, but it's a little frightening as much as it is exciting)
3. Pay off my credit cards (a couple of them only have a little bit left. If I am good, they will be gone by the traditional new year. The big my birthday and no later)
4. Keep in touch better (I really am writing a big long note to miss Karebear and some other people I have neglected of late. I am horrible at this and this I think is the one I am really going to have to work on)
5. Go out on dates (trivial and shallow yes, but if you only knew how much my former job consumed my life. I had no free time it seemed and when I did I hung out with my friends, no time for the menfolk. If a guy asked me out, I kinda always said no. Which makes me sad sometimes. I am going to allow myself to be loved, to have fun...enjoy life)
6. Get back to my webby stuff. (this one should be easy. I certainly will have some free time now. And I miss a lot of it. It's a wonderful creative outlet)
7. Learn a new language. (I already have French and Gaelic under my belt. I am thinking I will continue my Welsh and learn either Greek or Italian....then I can have an excuse when I want to study abroad for a semester or two. *grin*)
8. Read 100 books.
9. Go see Nic and Ants in Japan (how could I not?)
10. Finish my 2005 scrapbook before 2005 ends. (I have two more months. I can do it....right?)

I have a couple more, but no need to bore. It's nice. I feel like I can start over. I am starting over. I am still a little scared, but am more curious and excited more than anything. It's going to be a damn good year.
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