November 17th, 2005


I hate Being Cold

For the millionth time, let me express how much I dislike SD weather. Case in point. This was my week thus far weather wise.

SUNDAY: Gorgeous Fall weather. Feels like early fall, walking around with no coat during the day. I even had my bedroom window open. The heat hasn't been on, life is good.

MONDAY: Its cold. Damn cold. The wind chill factor sucks. Heat is now on and added another blanket to the bed. Wondering where I put my damn gloves.

TUESDAY: It's really freakin cold. Wind has continued. Oh look and now there is snow. Early fall bypassed Late Fall and went straight to dead of winter. I hate this weather. Don't know where my gloves are. This totally sucks.

WEDNESDAY: Still freakin cold. Am not amused. Bought new gloves. They come in handy when sitting in my car waiting for it to warm up so I can leave work. Need to move to...a place that is warmer.

THURSDAY: Snowing again. Thankfully only lasts just a little bit. Still sucks.

FRIDAY and BEYOND: THe outlook is not good my friends. I cannot believe that only two weeks ago I was hiking with Nicole without a jacket. What happened to the seasons? Give me some preparation time PTB. I mean really.


In happier news I have decided that those bath cubes (often in hearts, balls and such, like mine) that go all fizzy when they hit the water are bath toys for adults. Woot! Not as cool as those little capsules that dissolve and out comes a sponge in a fun and interesting shape. Speaking of which I wish I had kids so I had an excuse for buying them. bah, who needs kids. *grin* But the fizzy bath thingies...also highly enjoyable. Plus, they smell nice and make the hot bath all that more enjoyable.

Anyway, hope you are well.

(P.S. I like how the little emotiocon kitty is crying because she is cold. Me too sweetie, me too.)
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