February 22nd, 2006


What would you do?

So 8 workers from a meat packing plan in Nebraska win the powerball (365 million by the way) In the end each one will take home about 22,162,500. Not a bad haul. So I was thinking what I would do with said winnings if I was fortunate enough to win.

* I'd buy a house. Nothing ultra schmancy. Somewhere nice, possibly a couple of acres. it would be a home that would be just enough for moi, husband and kids to be. That's it.

* A car. I've never had a brand new one. Would be nice to have one. Once again nothing fancy, nothing that says 'hi I just won 20 million dollars'. but it would be nice to have something a little sportier than my 15 year old buick century. Ooh something with heated seats. I love them in my dad's Avalon which I got to drive when I went home for the Holidays.

* Pay off my Dad's home that he is building in Montana. He's taken care of me, never let me fall. i figure I can do something for him. Same goes with my mother.

* Create college funds for both of my nieces and my yet unborn children.

* Go on a sabbatical for a year...become a professional tourist

* Gift nicely to my family (e.g. Nic, Cass, Paul, etc)

* Make sure I have enough fundage for when I don't actually get social security when I am older.

* Possibly decide to start up my own business.

* And yes go shopping. I admit that I would love some little extravagances. A new wardrobe would be nice, a big screen tv, all those little things I have been buying secretly in my imagination for when I did win the lottery that I absolutely never play. *grin*

* Give everything else to Charity.

So what would you do?
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