March 10th, 2007


The Police, Pin Ups and Men with Swords

Guess who is going to a Police concert in July?  *raises hand*  Oooh, ooh pick me!  Pick me!  Of course this is taking into consideration that they don't kill each other before the concert date.  However, it is a chance of a lifetime.  So excited. 

In other news I gave tempestdesigns a big old overhaul, which is good since I haven't done anything with it for almost two years.  Check it out, tell me what you think about the new design.  I should be chatting up a good lot of you in the next couple of days now that I have decided to return...yet again. 

I also went and saw the 300 last night.  I am a few things: a Frank Miller fan, an action movie/blood and guts girl and swiftly becoming a fan of Zach Snyder.  I loved the movie.  Visually it is stunning. The tale of the 300 Spartans is a wonderful story and how can you not like 300 buff men in loincloths and brandishing swords. Especially when some of them are Gerry Butler and Michael Fassbender.

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