June 8th, 2007


Seriously I will never understand...

Last night I sat idly trying to think of a good introduction to yet another character to RPG with.  The television provided a murmer of chatter and white noise, though I paid it little attention.  That is until the main story was how Paris Hilton got a nice little get out of jail free card and is under house arrest.  I don't understand it.  That is the top news story?  Of all of the news stories that lend even the tiniest bit of attention, you chose that?   What about Darfur, or the fact that we are destroying the planet?   Even as I right this apparently the blonde heiress is back in prison.

I am all for pop culture meaning: film, music, tv, books, technology, video games, etc.  But this fascination with celebrities is ridiculous.  They have papparazzi following them as they take out the trash and pump their gas.  Do I give a rat's ass?  No.  And though I firmly believe that miss blondie deserves the same damn treatment as you and I would, is it necessary to make it 'the' news item of the day.  I felt the same way with the whole Anna Nicole fiasco.  You realize that other nations are laughing at us.  We should hang our heads in shame.  Its ridiculous. 

Edit...I just noticed that jenahvilleposted a similar comment.


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Pop Culture Week in Review

I have decided to start blogging about my week in pop culture, as I am admittedly a big fan.

Best TV show I watchedSo You Think You Can Dance.  That's right, I am addicted.  I cannot help it.  I love to watch dance.  I love to dance.  And apparently vote for the next amazing dancer.  There are some amazing dancers this year and I cannot help but have a fondness for Hok.  He just seems like a nice guy.

Best CD I heard:  As I look at my last three itunes purchases I see Amy Winehouse's album, a couple of songs from Fiction Plane and Rufus Wainwright's new cd.  If you haven't heard Amy, and I really cannot imagine that you haven't,  you really should.  She is amazing and you cannot help but get the songs stuck in your head.  She also makes me want to get all glammed up for some reason. *shrug*  Fiction Plane is fronted by Sting's son Joe.  Since I have got pretty little tickets to see the Police next month, I figured I might try the band who has been opening for them.  The song Two Sisters is a great little song to sing along to.  And finally Rufus.  I adore him and have for a very long time.  Release the Stars is his latest album and has some great songs including my favorite, Sanssoucci.  Of course before I forget, who isn't excited about the new Tegan and Sara stuff?
Best movie I saw:  That's a difficult one as I haven't really watched anything.  I just went and saw Hostel II being the occasional blood and guts girl that I am.  I became accustomed early on to be the lone girl with a bunch of guys to go see the latest horror flick.  Hmm, thgough I was entertained and must say that Eli Roth is disturbing with film the way that Clive Barker is to literature.  However, women of the world will appreciate a particular scene at the end...if they actually go and men of the world will cringe and thank the gods it is just a movie.  I think I may try to go see Oceans 13 sometime this weekend, so I will let you know how that is.  And may try to do a horror fest with two of the films that were part of the Afterdark Horrorfest.  The first one is Rinne/Reincarnation by Takashi Shimizu who did the original Ju-on or Grudge films.  The second is called the Gravedancers and to be honest Chele and I wanted to see it because of our fondness for Dominic Purcell of John Doe/Blade 3/Prison Break fame. It also has Clare Kramer from Buffy and of course I do my best to support the former Joss Whedon verse people.   In a mildly excited note, I also saw the trailer for 30 days of night.  I own and enjoyed the graphic novel.  We shall see how it turns out.
Best book I read: For my birthday last week Chele got me Tithe: a modern faerie tale by Holly Black.  Though it is a young adult novel, Chele knows my love for the urban fantasy genre and it takes place in New Jersey.  (Ah to read about Quickchek's and A&P's)  I liked it.  I am almost through, I started it on Wednesday and has been my bedside book which means I usually fall asleep after a chapter or two.  I liked it so well that I bought the rest of the series.  I also bought Simon R. Green's new novel, The Man with the Golden Torc, which looks similar to the Nightside series.  I also bought Laurell K. Hamilton's latest Anita Blake novel, 'Harlequin' simply because I own the rest, but have given up most hope that she will return to plot driven novels instead of making them badly written erotica.  I do, however, have a little bit of hope left.
So there you go, my pop culture week in review
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