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New Year's Resolutions

You're thinking to yourself...a little early aren't you? Well for me the Celtic New Year started on the first being the pretty little pagan that I am and being scottish. *smile* I went up to Newton Hills with Nicole, had a little ritual...had s'mores. So far so good. I am putting a list of my resolutions up, so you can bug the shite out of me if I start slacking, but so far so good on a ocuple of them.

1. Lose 25 lbs. (Today is day #2 of my consecutive workouts at Lady Wellness. I even *wanted* to go so that's a good sign)
2. Get good grades (well since school doesn't start for a couple more months, this is going to have to wait. It is intimidating though. I am a non-trad student now. I haven't been to university for almost 7 years. My friends say it will be easy, show those young whipper snappers, but it's a little frightening as much as it is exciting)
3. Pay off my credit cards (a couple of them only have a little bit left. If I am good, they will be gone by the traditional new year. The big one...by my birthday and no later)
4. Keep in touch better (I really am writing a big long note to miss Karebear and some other people I have neglected of late. I am horrible at this and this I think is the one I am really going to have to work on)
5. Go out on dates (trivial and shallow yes, but if you only knew how much my former job consumed my life. I had no free time it seemed and when I did I hung out with my friends, no time for the menfolk. If a guy asked me out, I kinda always said no. Which makes me sad sometimes. I am going to allow myself to be loved, to have fun...enjoy life)
6. Get back to my webby stuff. (this one should be easy. I certainly will have some free time now. And I miss a lot of it. It's a wonderful creative outlet)
7. Learn a new language. (I already have French and Gaelic under my belt. I am thinking I will continue my Welsh and learn either Greek or Italian....then I can have an excuse when I want to study abroad for a semester or two. *grin*)
8. Read 100 books.
9. Go see Nic and Ants in Japan (how could I not?)
10. Finish my 2005 scrapbook before 2005 ends. (I have two more months. I can do it....right?)

I have a couple more, but no need to bore. It's nice. I feel like I can start over. I am starting over. I am still a little scared, but am more curious and excited more than anything. It's going to be a damn good year.
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