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Je sais ton amour...

I obsess easily. True we've known that for years, but Saturday was the perfect example of just how easily this lady can obsess. Saturday I was downloading some tunes off of Itunes (KT Tunsdall, Flyleaf, Lamb and Plumb's new album) and idly wondered if there was a video for Gwen Stefani's 'Crash' Her videos are fun, why not check out a 30 second clip. No luck on the video, but as I was perusing the categories I see "French Pop" As a French speaker, I've also heard some french pop and frankly it is rather funny sometimes. A video. I was aiming for it to be the humor highlight of my day. Mon Essentiel. Decent title. Lead singer's cute. *Press play* It's a period video and the tunes is very very catchy. I'm hooked enough that I download. I then proceeded to play it five times in a row. I look up any information I can on Le Roi Soleil. Apparently it is a rock opera about the Sun King that opened in France in September. I am in love with Emanuelle Moire. Vive le Roi. So I order the soundtrack off of Amazon, I scour the internet for any tidbits I can find about the musical. And now you all should. you don't have to speak French to enjoy the song. It's grainy here...go to videos and mon essentiel...but it's still lovely. I want to go to France now so I can see the show. Holy cow am I a geek


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