Tempestuous (nicochan) wrote,

Movie Season

Ah, the Oscars. Personally I thought Jon Stewart did a great job, it was the audience that was boring...save for George Clooney who laughed a lot. Ben Stiller was great, Will F. and Steve C. I was annoyed with the lack of "Songs" (Wunderkind by Alanis Morisette from the Chronicles of Narnia should have been there) But in all, it was a good ceremony. And I won again. Next time I am so making everyone put some money on the line. *grin*

The movie picks are starting to add up as well. February was a bust. Ultraviolet was horrid and that was the last film we saw. Paul and Michelle have banned me from choosing the next three films it was so horrid. This weekend it is 'The Hills Have Eyes' remake (Paul's choice) and the Libertine (Michele). I wanted to see both, but it's now on their heads if they don't live up to our standards. In the next few months there are some films that I am actually looking forward to. They are as follows:

Thank you for Smoking - 3/17 (Satire is fun. Aaron is yummy.)
V for Vendetta - 3/17 (Alan Moore. W. brothers. Life could be good)
Silent Hill - 4/21 (I like the game. Sean Bean is lovely. Will probably suck)
MI:3 - 5/5 (Yes Tom Cruise is nuts. However I also happen to like the MI films. Guilty pleasures)
Poseidon Adventure - 5/12 (yet another remake. But I like the cast)
Davinci Code - 5/26 (Tom hanks is not my choice for Robert, but I think it will be good. Cannot wait to see Paul Bettany. I am so rooting for him as a possible casting choice for the Joker or Harvey Dent in the next Batman film)
X3 - 5/26 (This is a gimme)
The Omen - 6/6 (Once again a remake. I think it might be the year of remakes actually. But the trailer is nice. I just hope they don't overgore it. Creepy kids are always nice)
Superman Returns - 6/30 (I will give it a shot. Never been a Superman fan, but I will try)
Devil Wears Prada - 6/30 (Love the book)
Pirates OTC 2 - 7/7 (The one I really want to see)

And that brings us to Summer.
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