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Summer TV

I am a pop culture junkie so its logical that even in the heat of summer I would find....something to geek out about and watch when I am not out and about. I've tried a couple and one episode has been enough (Treaure Hunters - a reminder of why I don't watch too much reality. Could the host be any more monotone. I think he might be a robot; Windfall - couldn't suck me in. Sorry Luke Perry) And others I am either instantly hooked or reserving my judgement for a few more episodes. Here is the lowdown.  
T H E   N E W B I E S

Ed vs Spencer: Oh how I love BBC America.   The show is basically about Ed and Spencer, two best friends, who constantly challenge one another to do insanely stupid things (who can stay handcuffed the longest, who's tougher, who is more attractive to women, who can survive in the woods the longest)   Ed reminds me of a cross between Shaggy and one of the Monkees and Spencer is just adorable.  I laugh way too much when I watch this.  

Saved:  I've always had a thing for Tom Everett Scott and the show looked interesting so of course I thought I would give it a try.  It's only two episodes, but so far I am really enjoying what I see.  I like the Run Lola Run-esque little flashes so we know how the victims got to the point where they need an ambulance.  Plus sarcasm...it should be a staple in most shows.  You should try it. 

Hex: I'm not really sure about this one yet.  It's about a shy, I-really-want-to-be-popular, girl named Cassie who unwittingly unleashes a fallen angel named Azazeal, but gains some nifty supernatural powers out of the deal.  If it doesn't get better in the next couple of eppies I will scrap it, but I adore Thelma (sarcastic lesbian ghost). I wish really hot fallen angels wanted to give me magical powers and try and seduce me.  Who cares if its only to get me pregnant so the Nephelim can be set free.  Did I mention Azazeal's hot? 

So You Think You Can Dance:  Yep, it's reality tv and I am not ashamed.  Its dancing and being the dancing freak that I am I adore it.  Except not the new format where we vote for our favorite couple, but not our favorite dancer?  Boo!  Hiss!  Already I adore Donielle and sweet little Benji who I'd love to corrupt.  Martha and Travis are amazing dancers as well, but so far this season hasn't managed to capture me like the last season.  Nick and Melodi were my favorites.  I kinda like Cat though, the new host. *shrug*

Kathi Griffin - My Life on the D List:  All I need to say is the woman is hilarious.  Nothing like a dose of sarcasm, making fun of celebrities and realizing that Kathi eats as much junk food as I do to make a girl smile. 

O L D I E S   B U T   G O O D I E S

The Dead Zone: My love for Johnny shall never die.  Anthony Michael Hall grew up so nicely.  Plus Sean Patrick Flanery.  OKay so he might bring about Armageddon, but he'll look really hot while doing it.  I only wish that the Close to Home chick would come back to play fellow psychic and just perfect for Johnny, Alex. I adore her.  And frankly I just what Johnny to find somebody to snuggle with. 

4400:  I didn't watch it much last year.  I liked the first season much better when it was a new power each week.  There is a reason why each of the 4400 were taken and reasons for their abilities.  They say that is what they are going to focus on this year.  So, I'll stick around and see if they do.  I still can't believe they killed off Lily.  I don't like grown up Isabelle.

C O M I N G   S O O N

Stargates:  New seasons are coming.  New seasons are coming.  I am so excited that I could easily do the 'Dance of Joy'.  I love Vala so much and Daniel and Tealc, and Sam and Jack and Mitchell and of course the gang over in Atlantis.  And who couldn't be more excited to have another taste of Wormhole Extreme?  And Jack back even for a bit.  Yep, Fridays the Tivo is one happy camper. 

Battlestar Galactica:  Okay so I have more than a couple of weeks, but by far this is one of the best shows on television.  Kara Thrace is my hero.  I remember when I watched the miniseries I was like 'Blasphemy.  I watched this when I was younger.  This is just...blech'  and then I started catching episodes here and there while waiting for the second play of the Stargates and holy cow, what crack was I on when I watched the mini series.  Paul and I have been rewatching (for him it's a first.  I am also proud to note that I got him hoooked on LOST.  Go me) Seasons 1 and 2 with a couple of episodes every week.  Anyone who isn't watching this show, really, really should.  I am really excited about Season 3 and where they are going to go with it especially after the Finale of last season.  

Eureka and Psych:  One is on Sci-Fi, the other USA.  Both seem to be tongue and cheek which of course is one of my favorite genres.  In Eureka anything can happen and Psych is about a man who runs a psychic detective agency....except he only pretends to be psychic.  Funny stuff. 

I watch too much tv.


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