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The weekend away

Okay, so I am a little late with the posting, since the following fun happened last weekend and it is already the following weekend, but better late than never.  So...last Friday I headed to Minneapolis/St. Paul and the Minnesota Zoo to see Aimee Mann.  Paul, Chele, Laurie and I piled into Paul's car early Friday morning with my trusty Ipod (so  I could subject them to Snow Patrol, the Weepies, Kate Havnevik and much more....bwa ha ha)  We got to the zoo a little after 2:30 or so and scrambled to go see the sharks being fed....which wasn't worth the effort or the running.  Mildy disappointed we headed for the aquarium to see the last dolphin show because its really the only thing going for the zoo (In fact our local zoo is better.  Of course nothing can top the Omaha Zoo for me)  We sat, we played the animal trivia on the screen above us and I tried not to strangle the fidgety four year old in front me who thought my legs were fun new punching bags.  The trainers came out and 'practiced' with the dolphins in the back pool and I was proud to explain to the gang that I used the same technique (shaping - higher order conditioning) to train Scully and Mulder, my goldfish, to swim through a hoop on command for last semester's Psych project.   Suddenly the trainers began running around and eventually tell us to evacuate the building.  Later, we found out that there had been an electrical fire.  Unfortunately it meant we were forced out of the cool exhibits to walk around and try to find the sleeping animals.  Highlights however did include: the meerkats mating, the evil giraffes (watch Eddie Izzard if you don't understand) and the tigers engaging in play or foreplay (we couldn't decide which)

Four hours later we sit down for the concert at their outdoor ampitheatre.  The first act was the lead singer of the Honeydogs who I'd never heard of.  Personally, I found him to be a little bland and all the songs sounded the same. *shrug* Then Aimee came out and she rocked. One of the big reasons I adore her is she is one of those rare musicians who can actually....*drumroll*...sing. *gasp* What you hear on her cds is what you get live.  She isn't all tidied up and fabricated in the studio.  Plus, she's funny and writes some really great songs.  She must have liked us too because she did two encores.  Just as she was leaving the stage for good, it began to rain.  Not a hard rain, but one of those that you just love to walk out in. It was a perfect way to end it. 

We spent the night in Fairbault, MN at the Days Inn.  The room decor was interesting especially when you have a mirrored wall above the beds.  Chele and I couldn't decide whether it was the porn room or whether we were part of some weird experiment and it was two way glass.  It could have been an interrogation room as well. *shrug*  We'll never home.  But if you are ever at the Days Inn in Fairbault, all the rooms are like that. 

We made it home in time for me to drop off my stuff and meet Cassie for Summer Jam '06 at Great Bear (which is Sioux Falls version of a ski hill....ha!) The acts were: G.B. Leighton (who rocked), Asleep at the Wheel, The Pat McGee Band and Better than Ezra.  It was nice just to be outside and I was smart enough to lather on the sunscreen (go me!)  Of all the acts G.B. and Better than Ezra were the best.  Actually I really loved Better than Ezra.  Not only was it great music, but they put on a good show - sarcasm and humour are always a great thing.  The night ended in fireworks and like a 6 year old I oohed and awed (I LOVE Fireworks)

It was a lovely weekend though I must admit I can't wait for a lazy, stay in my pjs and play video games/watch movies sort of weekend.  Not this weekend though (its the 4th weekend and I don't have work until Wednesday) or the following weekend (we're making my annual pilgrimage down to the Omaha zoo so I can commune with my bats and feed the evil giraffes)....Eventually.  Hope your summers are going well.


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