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Movies, Movies, Movies

Several weeks ago I talked about TV (I have decided to listen to the ever so wise jenah and have started watching Monk which I really like).  It is only natural that I mention film.  The list of films is rather short because there isn’t a whole lot to giddy over from now until October and this is coming from the woman who not only sued to run a movie store, but who goes to the theatre at least once a week.  All I can say is thank the gods for Netfix and for rewatching Battlestar with Paul (I converted him to Lost, then BSG.  I am going to try Prison Break next.). *grin*


Pirates 2:  Loved it.  I enjoyed the first a bit more, but it was a nice sequel.  I saw it twice the Friday that it came out so I must have liked it just a bit.  Johnny Depp in eyeliner, pirates, immortal monkeys…there is no wrong here.  I wore my Captain’s Wench T-shirt, forced the ladies at work to listen to both of the Pirates’ Soundtracks and changed my desktop to Jack Sparrow.  I however did not talk like a pirate, poke out one of my eyes so I could wear a patch and find a wise-ass, foul mouthed parrot to sit on my shoulder.  Maybe next year.  *grin*  Pirates Rock!  By the way anyone else notice the locket Jack almost lifted from Tia (he steals a ring instead)  It looked a lot like the image from both the music box and the chest….Hmmmmm…..


Lady in the Water:  I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, I adore M. Night.  He tells modern fairytales/fables and the movies are beautiful to look at (like Mira Nair’s, Julie Taymor or Jeunet)  He gets some fine performances out of his actors and I love how the movies are never what people think they are about.  I have been a fan of his since Wide Awake and I am one of those people who didn’t think that the Village sucked.  Hell I even like M. Night’s American Express commercial.   That said I really liked Lady in the Water.  There are no twists, no scares (though I managed to be so jumpy that night that I jumped every time the damn sprinklers went off).  It is a bedtime story come to life.   Sarita is my hero and not just because she is in Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love one of my favorite films, but because she was just funny in this movie.  Same goes with Jeffrey Right, Bob Balaban, and of course Paul Giamatti and Bryce.  M. Night just needs to get a new marketing guy.  I remember the first trailer (the one with Josh Groban in the background) where it said a Bedtime story from M. Night.  Then later trailers were like ooh…scary things.  No scary things.  Bedtime story.   Anyway loved it.


Pulse:  Originally the movie was suppose to be out two weeks ago.  Then it was pushed back until September and now it opens up next week.  That alone should worry me.  Paul thinks it is going to blow big time and I hate to admit it, but he’s probably dead on. However being the loyal fangirl that I am, I have to support Kristen Bell when she’s not doing Veronica Mars (just like I will support Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff when White Noise 2 comes out)  Plus if you go to a Wednesday matinee where you are the only people there, you can easily scare yourself silly even if it is a bad movie (Case in point Chele and I and the movie ‘They’ which is just bad) Pulse is yet another Asian horror remake and I tend to see most horror films though this year the only worthy one was the remake of The Hills Have Eyes (It freaked me out so much that Cass and I are now no longer camping in the Badlands next week.  Why?  Because the Badlands look a lot like New Mexico and that’s where the crazy, cannibalistic mutants live and where they will kill us.  But also because its like 100 degrees out there) which all should buy or at least rent.


Little Miss Sunshine: Abagail Breslin is the new Dakota Fanning.  Actually  no one can replace Dakota, she’s just too damn adorable and talented.  However, Miss Abigail may give Dakota a good run for her money.  This film looks funny.  How can it not be when you have Steve Carrell playing the suicidal gay uncle and Abigail’s brother in the film worships Neitzche and has taken a vow of silence.  Character quirks are good plus the rest of the cast makes me giggle.  

Scoop:  Its Woody Allen.  Plus Hugh Jackman, Scarlett JOhanson and Ian McShane.  Ian McShane plays a ghost who helps Scarlet, a journalism student, decide whether an aristocrat, Jackman, is or isn’t a serial killer.  Of course she begins to fall for him and to be honest who wouldn’t.  Woody plays an amateur magician who helps as well.  It sounds like a quirky comedy ala Manhattan Murder Mystery.  Did I mention that Hugh Jackman’s in it?


The Illusionist:  Edward Norton plays a magician in turn of the century Vienna who falls in love with Jessica Biel, a woman way above his social class.  When she becomes engaged to a Prince (Rufus Sewell) he uses his magic to win her back and undermine the prince.  Paul Giamatti is in it is as well.  The cast sounds decent and if anything Edward Norton does interesting work.  I’m a major lover of turn of the century flicks and anything that has magic in it.  (August 18th) Type your cut contents here.

The Black Dahlia:  In 1940s Los Angeles, a beautiful young actress is murdered, mutilated, and her corpse cut up into pieces and scattered in a vacant lot; two cops (Josh Hartnett and Aaron Eckhart) investigate and are drawn into a seamy world of sex and violence. It's directed by Brian DePalma and also has Mia Kirschner (Black Dahlia), Hilary Swank and Scarlett Johanson. It sounds delightfully creepy.  I will try it. 


 If I am bored I may go see Miami Vice and Clerks II (though I tend to wait for most comedies to come out on video.  I mainly see Horror/Action/Fantasy/Drama at the big screen aka the ones you want to see on a really big screen)  Descent could be good, but I don't know whether we will get it here as I have yet to see Little Miss Sunshine or Scoop here yet. Yep that is it.  Any that you are excited about?


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