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Movie Madness

Every year there are less and less flicks that I really want to rush out and go and see, though this past couple of weeks have been a fluke of the summer (Snakes on a Plane, Pulse, The Descent, Scoop, and the Night Listener).  I love Netflix.  Netflix makes me happy and has helped me survive the drought of good films in the theatre.  I have rented some truly bad flicks (Bloodrayne, Date Movie, Running Scared), but there have been some good ones as well.  Here are some of my favorites in the past couple of months. 

Breakfast on Pluto:  I wasn’t lucky enough to see it in the theatre. Oh wait…because it never came here.  I’m a Neil Jordan fan and I really enjoy it when he makes one of his quirky Irish films (Company of Wolves, Butcher Boy) rather than one of his ‘Hollywood’ films (In Dreams, Interview with the Vampire).  Though they are all great (High Spirits, Crying Game).  This one stars Cillian Murphy whom I adore.  Even better when in drag.  *smile*  Plus the subtitles for the robins.  Priceless.

Something New: Simon Baker is yummy.  Can he be my landscaper? Oh wait, I don’t really have a yard of my own.  Okay, can he just show up and sweep me off my feet?  Cause that would be super.  This is a chick flick starring Sanaa Lathan who unexpectedly falls for her white landscaper even when she has the equally yummy Blair Underwood trying to woo her as well.  I am not a huge romantic comedy girl (I’m very picky) But I did like this one enough to make it a keeper.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: Oh how I love Robert Downey Jr.  He’s an amazing actor and one that doesn’t work nearly enough.  This murder mystery brings together a private eye (Val Kilmer), a struggling actress and a thief masquerading as an actor.  It has some of the best dialogue ever and really plays up the cheap pulp fiction novels of yesteryear.  I absolutely loved it.  Rent now!

Reefer Madness - The Musical: What do you get when you mix Kristen Bell, Alan Cumming, Neve Campbell and Christian Campbell?  A hilarious parody.  The Jesus scene alone where Jesus is a juiced up Lounge Lizard is enough to forever endear it to me.  It’s campy, funny and has Miss Veronica Mars in it.

Goodnight and Good Luck + Munich:  Both were great films. For GN+GL David Strathairn is one of those great actors that no one has heard enough despite being in a lot of great films.  He did a great job as did everyone else in the film.  George Clooney you surprised me.  Great job with the directing.  Munich was also very good though very long.  Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Ciaran Hinds and Mathieu Kassovitz did an amazing job.  A must see for both. 

Other recent goodies have been Layer Cake, Everything is Illuminated,  and Strings.  Until next time happy movie watching my friends.


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