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Put a smile on your face....

It's been a busy, rather hellacious week, but I best not dwell so I will list the things that have made me happy. 

  1. Seeing a squirrel fall out of a tree.  Not jump out of a tree.  Fall...like a squirrel klutz.  Very humorous. 
  2. As seen on the back of a car - 'REAVERS ATE MY GOVERNMENT'   Any Firefly fanboy/girl is a-okay in my book. I honked. They probably thought I was crazy
  3. Aida.  Saw it Tuesday evening.  Loved it despite the somewhat crappiness of the seats.
  4. Studio 60 and Smith. Good shows.  You should watch. 
  5. The knowledge that my precious Karebear and Phil are engaged finally sinking in. 
  6. Pomegranates.  They are in season.  You should try one if you haven't already.  Persephone did. 
  7. The Last Kiss Soundtrack - 'Paperweight'  Best song on there.
  8. Finally seeing the Eragon trailer.
  9. Battlestar Galactica Webisodes.  October cannot get here quick enough
10. Finding the perfect material for my Halloween costume.

Hope you all have had a good week.  Ciao


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