Tempestuous (nicochan) wrote,

Battlestar Galactica...ummmmm.....

I love Battlestar Galactica.  I hate Battlestar Galactica.  *whimper*

WTF just happened?  No really.  What just happened?

NOOOOOOO!  You cannot kill off my beautiful and tragically fraked up little Kara.  You just can't.  And not in a suicidal, I'll just give up sort of way.  Her destiny is to die?  That is what you have been building up to since Season One.  No, fraking way.  Plus there were Daddy Adama tears.  *sniffles*  Damn you all, you made me cry. 

*takes a deep breath*

Actually here are my thoughts.  "They are waiting for me" Kara ejected.  I swore I saw her hand on the ejector handle.  So, she ejects and the Cylon picks her up.    Except this is no regular Cylon.  This is a final five Cylon.  I believed Leoben when he said I am not Leoben or rather Kara tells him he is not Leoben and he says 'I never said I was'. (By the way I have never really shipped the whole Leoben/Kara but their scenes were just...hot, but I digress).   The final five are shrouded in mystery as well as mysticism.   What makes them so special?  Why are they so revered? I think, at least I hope, we will find out.  I don't think we'll see Kara for the rest of the season and I don't think she is a Cylon despite what many people might think.  I dont think she is a final five. The final five are much, much more and I think that Kara's destiny is very closely tied to them. You also have to admit the Maelstrom looked a lot like the mandala as well.  Was she meant to be there?  At that storm?  

However, the creators have some explaining to do.  Don't dangle this 'you have a destiny', especially with the mandala references, and then have Kara kill herself.  I don't buy it that her mother was preparing her for death her entire life.    There has to be something more.  You can't bring it up and then never resolve it (This was not resolving her storyline at all)  Well I suppose you could, but that would be bad television.  I don't want to hate BSG.  I dont want to stop watching BSG.  But I have always loved Starbuck and Apollo.  And not the romance thing, cause that whole storyline was a mistake this year.  It was the tension, the friendship...it was just them.  They were my core characters and now one of them is gone...and in a really stupid fraked up sort of way?  The show is going to be missing a big something now and no one can fill those shoes.  It has lost something.  I hope not forever. 

I know that Katee is doing movies now and that she wasn't thrilled about where they were taking Kara (who has been thrilled with that whole love square? Triangles are bad. Squares are even worse.).  But I think that they are dooming the show if they really have killed Starbuck for good.  Season Four was only renewed for 13 episodes anyway instead of the regular set.  Is this the beginning of the death knell?  I hope not.  Okay my semi-cohorent little bit is done now.

I am going to go eat chocolate now.  Chocolate will help, right? Right?

Oh Gods, I am still confused. Frak!

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