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The Police, Pin Ups and Men with Swords

Guess who is going to a Police concert in July?  *raises hand*  Oooh, ooh pick me!  Pick me!  Of course this is taking into consideration that they don't kill each other before the concert date.  However, it is a chance of a lifetime.  So excited. 

In other news I gave tempestdesigns a big old overhaul, which is good since I haven't done anything with it for almost two years.  Check it out, tell me what you think about the new design.  I should be chatting up a good lot of you in the next couple of days now that I have decided to return...yet again. 

I also went and saw the 300 last night.  I am a few things: a Frank Miller fan, an action movie/blood and guts girl and swiftly becoming a fan of Zach Snyder.  I loved the movie.  Visually it is stunning. The tale of the 300 Spartans is a wonderful story and how can you not like 300 buff men in loincloths and brandishing swords. Especially when some of them are Gerry Butler and Michael Fassbender.

Visually the movie was amazing to watch.  I think Snyder did an amazing job of bringing each cell from the graphic novel to life.  It wasn't just the costumes, but the scenery...the way that torches and fire looked on the screen.  Like Robert Rodriguez did with Miller's Sin City, he created that look that you see in the grphic novel.  Now of course the story was changed a bit and subplots added, but I didn't mind.  The core story is still there.  Was it the best thing I have ever seen in my life?  No.  But it was one of the best films I have seen this year.  But maybe that is just the fangirl in me. 

Lena did a great job as Queen Gorgo as well.  It was nice to have a strong female character that matched the men despite how little screen time she got.  I also loved the music.  Great job on the score Tyler Bates. 

Anyway, you should go and see it. 

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