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Seriously I will never understand...

Last night I sat idly trying to think of a good introduction to yet another character to RPG with.  The television provided a murmer of chatter and white noise, though I paid it little attention.  That is until the main story was how Paris Hilton got a nice little get out of jail free card and is under house arrest.  I don't understand it.  That is the top news story?  Of all of the news stories that lend even the tiniest bit of attention, you chose that?   What about Darfur, or the fact that we are destroying the planet?   Even as I right this apparently the blonde heiress is back in prison.

I am all for pop culture meaning: film, music, tv, books, technology, video games, etc.  But this fascination with celebrities is ridiculous.  They have papparazzi following them as they take out the trash and pump their gas.  Do I give a rat's ass?  No.  And though I firmly believe that miss blondie deserves the same damn treatment as you and I would, is it necessary to make it 'the' news item of the day.  I felt the same way with the whole Anna Nicole fiasco.  You realize that other nations are laughing at us.  We should hang our heads in shame.  Its ridiculous. 

Edit...I just noticed that jenahvilleposted a similar comment.



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