I wasn't dead...just resting

I finally decided to start updating. Live journal first, then I will tackle the website. Where have I been? Especially since I was supposed to have come back? Life. That's all I can say. I have been spending a lot of time working, playing and did I mention working. It eats up a lot of my time and then when I came home the last thing I wanted to do was get on the computer. I think my roomies use it more than I do sometimes. It's been nice though...a break. A much needed break to get my shite together I suppose. It's almost there. *grin* And I will share all later. But right now, I am about to be late for work. *gah...wish I didn't need that necessity called money*

Love you all.
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I have been excited about the movie for the past year mostly because of my love for Robert Rodriguez.  Frank Miller is a definite plus though.  Of course I had to see it opening weekend.

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So yeah that's all I have to say about that.

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Say no to Parker.

Why does Parker Posey ruin the movies I look forward to? Convincing me that she will be a good villainess in Bryan Singer's Superman opus (did you see Blade Trinity) is like trying to convince me that Jennifer Tilly should be in the next Shakespeare movie. Now I don't mind comedic Parker. In fact I like her when she does movies like House of Yes, Best in Show, Mighty Wind...even Josie and the Pussycats. Point is she belongs in comedy, not horror and certainly not in a superhero movie. And as Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) partner in crime? Riight. I believe that the way that I believed that Denise Richards was a nuclearphysicist in the World is Not Enough (she could hardly say let alone get me to believe that she was it) Maybe all parker needs is a good script and a good director. As much as I like Bryan Singer, I don't think he is it though. I am not a big Superman fan though anyway, so not sure why I am caring. He has always been too much of a boyscout. I have always liked darker heroes like Batman anyway.

I also must say that as much as I am a comic book geek. Do not let the fact that I have all the mommy parts disuade you from this fact. I am a comic book geek and proud of it. However I am kind of getting tired of the comic book movies. Oversaturation is never good mr. movie boss people. Cannot anyone make an original movie anymore? Go against the grain. It's okay. People will follow. Reminds me of the new Project Greenlight which I am now hooked on. This time Ben, Matt and Chris are doing a horror film called Feast (obligated to watch the show of course being both a movie maven and horror film freak). Now just so you know Feast was the weakest of the scripts. Shite according to Wes Craven (though Mr. Horror himself did make Cursed, which apparently was aptly named). Listen to the man, listen to Ben, listen to Matt for god's sake. No. It may be crap, Dimension execs say, but horror is big right now and we might make money off of it. Why? This makes no sense to me. It made no sense to Matt Damon either. It makes me love him more.

But anyway, not all rants today. I watched the premiere of Eyes on Wednesday. Liked it. Now have a crush on Tim Daly. Once again I think this is simply because he is a wise ass. Have I mentioned that sarcasm...albeit well placed sarcasm (see...Jack O'Neil, Spike, Mal Reynolds) is just dead sexy. Well it is. Sarcasm rocks.

Going to bed now. Ciao.
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Do you remember?

Anyone remember Miracles? It aired in 2003, had Skeet Ulrich and Angus Macfadyen in it.  It also had the amazing David Greenwalt attached to it.  Unfortunately it was one of the TV casualties of the war in Iraq.  Exacs cancalled it after 6 episodes or so I think.  Could it be because it was always preempted with a grainy Ted Koepel?  Or that it kept switching nights and times much like the equally beloved Wonderfalls.

Well as I was browsing in my boredom of early morning retail, I discovered that it is coming out on DVD next month.  Yeah. I only hope that it is tied up the way that Wonderfalls was. Now if they would only come out with Dead Like Me Season Two already.  I need my fix of good shows.

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Lookie I made it all pretty

Let me tell you though, took me a couple of hours trying to get everything just right, but I seemed to have figured out the whole over ride thing. I think.

I have been neglecting this sucker for about a year. I should really stop doing that. Maybe this will be the icon posting/ranting/movie review bit to my blog. And well, I am not sure what tempest will be. Need to get back into the swing of things. Which is why I made it look all pretty. We all of course know that that is the first step.
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I know...

It's a stupid meme, but I liked my answers.

Movie Partners (Girls Only!) by churchbabe
Your Username
Lord of the Rings PartnerAragorn
Star Wars PartnerHan Solo
Pirates of the Caribbean PartnerWill Turner
Finding Nemo PartnerSquirt
Harry Potter PartnerRon Weasley
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Not only do I get Han, but I get Aragorn and cute little Ron. Sweet!
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Brothers Grimm

Am quite looking forward to Terry Gilliam's Brothers Grimm.  Its Gilliam and he makes me happy.  Plus Monica looks amazing as the Evil Queen.  I know saffronica  will agree with me on this one. If the rest of the costumes/surroundings look as great as Monica does.  I know I will enjoy the movie if but for the eye candy.

Just not talkative apparently

Decided to blog here rather than over at the blog. Don't know why. Not a lot has been happening of late. Been on a gaming kick. First it was Knights of the Old Republic and today it was Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II. Apparently am feeling the urge to kill things. Finally went and saw Cold Mountain and enjoyed it, though not as brilliant as all the hype was.

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Finally decided to try my hand at creating some icons for a contest. Crazy huh? I just feel so...well like a newbie to so much on the webby world. Sure the design thing is getting better and better. Now I am trying my hands with the icons. I should make some for Ants. Just because I can.

I should go to bed. I hate insomnia.
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New icons....lookie

Hopefully I did this right...and everyone can see these. Wish there was a preview thingie. Is there a preview thingie? Hmmm...oh well, here goes.

(My love for the upcoming Hellboy movie grows. Mostly Liz and cool Pyrotechnics is just fun.)

(Eddie Izzard and history. What more could you want. Must do more)

(Stitch is just too cute. Love him. Had a Christmas cut out that we had at the store from last year that was up during Christmas at my place. Want real, full sized one now.)

In other news the amaryllis that my father and Marsha gave me is blooming. Very pretty I must say. I love greenry especially blooming greenery. Damn I want a garden...oh and spring too. Hate the cold, snowy, windy crap. Should probably move from South Dakota then huh.

Will write more just not at present. Ciao
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