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All Stormy, All The Time

This twenty-something woman traipses through life with her feet never touching the ground, because honestly that is not where her dreams will come true. The Out-of-Step-Daughter had for years tried vainly to fit into various factions, splinter groups, and dysfunctional societal models in a futile attempt to belong to something. But who came to the conclusion that this is a stupid idea. So now she does her own thing.

So what is her own thing? Currently it involves being a manager of a movie store by day, sultry sex kitten siren by night (or so she wishes); die hard romantic; hates closed mind and closed hearts; loves laughter, men and movies; mildly obsessed fangirl and proud of it; digs genre TV like Buffy and Angel; thinks chai tea is nummy; is a sweet quirky, Loving, Obsessed, linguist; Celt; loves to dance, hates being cold; Beginner Designer; Often sings in the shower; loves to get all girly and dressed up; RPG lovin Procrastinator; Friend, Sister, and Aunt; survivor; James Marsters stalker...er fan; pagan; voracious reader; mythology lovin; ever evolving and so much more..

Nice to meet you.
accents, acting, ancient greece, ancient history, ancient literature, ancient magic, ancient mythology, ancient rome, angel, anthony stewart head, aragron, art, b movies, bettie page, books, boys in eyeliner, boys in makeup, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, captain jack sparrow, cary grant, christopher pike, creativity, culture, da vinci, dancing, david bowie, daydreaming, decadence, design, douglas adams, dragons, dreams, dvds, eliza dushku, empire records, fairies, fairy lights, faith, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, fangirls, fanlistings, fantasy, films, foreign films, foreign languages, france, french, friends, gaelic, gaming, gardening, ghosts, grace kelly, greece, harry potter, hedwig, hopeless romanticism, horror movies, hugh jackman, human sexuality, icons, indiana jones, insanity, james marsters, jasmine, johnny depp, junk food, kissing, languages, layouts, letters to cleo, lord of the rings, love, lovers, magick, medicinal herbs, men, metaphysics, middle ages, moonlight, moulin rouge, movies, mp3s, music, musicals, mythology, naked spike, natural medicine, night, oscar wilde, pagan, paint shop pro, past life regression, past lives, pin-ups, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, poetry, pre-raphealites, procrastination, psp, quiet, quotes, rain, random questions, reading, renaissance art, rocky horror picture show, rollercoasters, romance, scotland, sewing, sex, smut, soccer, spike, spirituality, sugar, sugar highs, swords, synchronicity, tattoos, tea, tegan and sara, television, tempest, tennyson, the last vampire, theatre, tolerance, travel, underworld, vampires, viggo mortensen, waterhouse, web design, webdesign, webpages, website design, witches, writing, x-files., x-men